Friday, December 29, 2017

Minds of the Fallen

Minds of the Fallen

Programmed in schools are hungry little sheep,
who grow up believing the stories they keep.
and as they get older the stories embed,
to become the foundation within their head.

Professors of rule then ask their opinion,
a backwards exam to conform the minion.
with the program in place each question a notch,
the answers displayed on the channels they watch.

Predictions requested of the most engaged,
believers in stories from the T.V. age.
magnetic ink maintains a mirror of words,
providing them answers and place in the herd.

Blind to morality and the light within,
they embrace propositions that lead to sin,
empowered by ego and commercial trends,
principals and virtues are the rules they bend.

That’s how the establishment controls the mind,
gets you to believe in their psychotic crime.
fabrication, lies, deception and deceit,
controlled by the few called the power elite.

They keep the masses busy, hungry and poor,
then sell you a bottle of spirits and war.
all packaged nicely on their network T.V.
an illusion of life and insanity.

For the wheel of industry, minds are prepared,
the beast and the monster that drives forth impaired.
your station depends on belief in the lies,
the more you believe the bigger the prize.

and at life’s end, when you’re lying in a room,
recounting moments that the wheel consumed,
you see the illusion, the part that you played,
the waste of a life in the time that you stayed.

About this Poem: The economic system in which we live does not serve the majority of humanity but a very small minority of people. It is a rigged system to make the masses subservient while a powerful few sit at the top consolidating power and economics through carefully drafted legislation made over the past 300 years. We are all programmed from the moment we are born to the moment we die. Our life is programmed to serve the system.

Indoctrination begins at a young age through a dumbed down education system, television programming, commercials, and a distorted history which is not allowed to be questioned. People work their entire lives feeding this system and then die never understanding their purpose in life or what the gift of life is…

The system, or “wheel” that we feed, destroys life. It does not benefit anyone with the exception of a very small group of parasitic thieves…it has to change or we will destroy life on this planet…

Prediction? make a prediction of what is to come in the year ahead, depends upon one weeding out all the trash, noise and lies flooding the mind by a system out of control…connecting the dots to see the trends requires one to research what they see and hear instead of accepting as fact the information they are told…unfortunately, the truth is not accepted by a greedy society, for most people anyways, because they have been programmed with garbage from a very early age. Today, most people accept what they are told as fact because a narrative was programmed within them at a very young age…

However, there are people who have woken up and are seeing clearly what is really going on in the world but their voices are being silenced by those that control the wheel of Industry and government halls. Free speech has been under attack for a very long time but recently has accelerated to a crisis point.

So rather than going into all the loose ends of geopolitics, economics and war, I decided to shine a little light in a very dark corner and do it generally…and so, I will predict one thing and I can guarantee it…that if we meet here again next year, nothing will have changed. The wheel of Industry and war will continue to consume life and no one will stand up to stop it…Because it doesn’t matter who is in power, weapons will be sold and many of them will be used by sociopaths in client nations to get what they want. Corporations will get bigger through consolidation, acquisition and hostile take overs and fall into fewer hands…the wheel of industry will impoverish millions more and the illusion of democracy will continue to be funded by deep pockets…i.e.: control of all parties by those with the largest shares of the pie…

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