Monday, January 1, 2018

The Wheel

The Wheel

That sickly sound is in the air, that grinding crushing noise,
the meme of ruthless business and the people it destroys.

The thieving wheel extends its reach, consolidating power,
controls another industry, adding to its tower.

There was a time of honesty with many fortunes made,
but in the halls behind the bank, were greedy thieves of trade.

They tolled the roads, controlled the wealth, and sat upon the gold,
then pulled the plug on everyone, made sure the stocks were sold.

Into their hands all did pass, to an oligopoly,
then to war, they brought us all, through weapons monopoly.

Every sector on the wheel, fell to criminal hands,
swaths of growth to deepest pockets by economic plan.

The wheel now rolls other shores, new partners with the banks,
they leave us all disgraced and poor while others build their tanks.

There’s nothing left but tyranny, free speech is set to fall,
new bills that kill our freedom, the wealthy control it all.

From distance comes that sickly sound of wheels come ashore,
to prove the econ-opoly forgot what came before.

These corporate thieves enslaved our land, game is set and done,
the only way to free ourselves is to change the way things run.

About this Poem: Should be self evident, right? 😉

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