Thursday, May 14, 2015

We Stand on Guard

We Stand on Guard

The sun rises on empty playgrounds in Eastern Ukraine, as the long shadows of night retreat from cities of broken dreams. Those that remain will fight to the last and protect their homes and families from the scourge of soulless monsters emerging from the gates of Kiev.

A nightmare descends upon the east in darkest clouds of insanity. A storm of bullets and bombs from overseas to uproot and shatter communities a thousand years old, depriving people of their right to exist.

The furious tantrums of a diabolical new world order lusts for empire and empowers its faithful greedy hordes with promises never meant to keep. A perverse and wicked neoteric Rome rises in the west with designs to rule the world.

The battle lines reach antediluvian empires, as Imperial malevolence is unleashed on the ancient cities in the middle world. Old diverse communities are denied their right of existence by the crimes of a sinister king. The World has been set on fire for a pocket full of gold…

However, evil is not unchallenged, as awareness flows through empathic vision to fill the ranks of those who uphold morality, freedom and justice…an army of the righteous rises, intent on securing the last lines of defense.

Prophetic text comes to pass by the sequence of demonic wars waged by an unholy western alliance who unleash their demonic terrorist armies on the people of Damascus, Yemen and Palestine. The cries of the besieged in turn release their grief and call upon humanity to rise and oppose the malignant New World Order...rise…rise with us…rise in brotherhood…rise and stand on guard…

About this Expression:

“We Stand on Guard” is an expression of disgust towards the American Empire. It is also a warning to others who do not know about the brutal dictatorship and terrorist practices that Europe and North America have unleashed around the world. Their direct association with brutal puppet regimes demonstrates their objective of destroying all that resist. Those that control the United States spearhead the West’s economic and military aggression and have publicly stated their commitment to building a New World Order which has now become the most brutal fascist dictatorship in History. This New Evil Empire views the world as its own and destroys all that embrace independence from it…war is coming, and you will need to decide which side you are on…

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