Monday, September 29, 2014

Memories of You

Memories of You

In times of quiet reflection my thoughts come back to you,
I see your smiling presence there, the friend that I once knew.

How wonderful to see you, on stages we played back then,
and the rules we dared to challenge, all worth it in the end.

I remember all the evenings, filled with life and laughter,
the secrets that we kept, and promises we made after.

And when my eyes do open, your presence n' shadows there,
fills me with deep compassion, to recall the love we shared.

Here within my memories, your broad smiles still remain,
you’re ever vibrant n' youthful, my friend you’re still the same.

We never stopped our dreaming, and we never lost our way,
still hearing our sounds of laughter, they never go away.

Longing for all the times we had, the places we did trend,
recalling all these moments, I’m so glad you were my friend.


Final edit: 2018 March 20.

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