Monday, June 18, 2018



Little feet leave impressions,
they dance around one’s heart.
weaving smiles of laughter,
memories that never part.

And oh, those little faces,
Eyes that grin with glee,
Perfect little angels,
God’s gift to you and me.

And when these little cherubs,
Gather in one place,
Their giddy sounds of merriment,
a universal grace.

Our world is twice blessed,
Embraced by children’s song
Filling hearts with kindness,
How can things go wrong?

Then in an instant,
I.D.F. snipers fire,
Our little angels fallen,
by evil little squires.

The world is gravely wounded,
nations look the other way,
Our hope and future stolen,
Our children become the prey…

About this Poem: Occupational Zionist forces are imprisoning, torturing and murdering Palestinian children while all the Western governments turn their heads and do nothing about it. What is that but pure evil…

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