Monday, November 26, 2018

Two Minutes to Midnight

Two Minutes to Midnight

Of ashes grey, from World War two,
a demon was born, that steadily grew.
The rise of empire, with all its rules,
deceived the public and wisest of fools.

From endless money, stocks were grown,
then Gobbled up, by the few who own.
The monster grew, to sprout its wings,
a military might, that claimed all things.

Their apocalypse rode over nations,
With flag unfurled in occupation.
Until the planet was covered in screams,
save the nations who resisted the memes.

While back at home, the censors dream,
they silence resistance to their scheme.
Trusted news, ops out for gold,
switching sides, they’re now controlled.

Industrial captains, lay waste our home,
prepare the ground, for American Rome.
Senators and monuments reflect its disease,
a nation to loot, a nation to seize.

Bankers in haste with quickening guild,
seizing all assets for an empire to build.
And when it’s done and the cupboard is bare,
they start a new war to pad their new lair.

Gobbling resources in victim nations,
they seize control and cause inflation.
Consolidating power through Industrial smoke,
they blame the inhabitants, whom they choke.

They rape the land, poison the seas,
mine the forests, cut down the trees.
When all the assets then disappear,
they resort to climate, to keep them in fear.

Yet while they impoverish every nation,
by sanctions, austerity and inflation,
they war on the Arabs and the Slavs,
creating chaos with the weapons they have.

Global rents now strapped to rockets,
bombs surround their dreams,
arrogance disguised as liberty's freedom,
bathed in clouds of nuclear steam.

The other side reciprocates,
defending what is theirs,
while still inside their country,
the Russians do prepare.

Americans trash the treaties,
agreements they do tear,
and set the doomsday clocks ahead,
without a bloody care.

Yet while the storms unfold on Earth,
all blamed upon our cars,
Astronomy reports that climate changed,
on Neptune, Jupiter and Mars…

If all the money had disappeared,
mans greed would have ended,
But instead of sanity taking hold,
intelligence has been suspended.

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