Sunday, March 1, 2015

The Demon John McCain

The Demon John McCain

Behold the one in power, behold the one foretold,
know him by his actions, and the soul that he has sold.
illusions of god like powers, decorated in blood,
death plagues and destruction, arriving in his flood.

He delights in money laundered, owned by Patrician creeds
he lays siege on humanity, and tramples on peoples needs.
he praises terror minions and delights in others pain,
the evil that commands it all is none other than John McCain.

Terror legions unleashed, bloodthirsty to the bone,
they wait for their commandments, McCain is sure to phone
“Thou shalt kill thy neighbour, do plunder and terror things”
these are just a few words that John McCain sings.

“Heil hail, the world is falling down,
grinding people to the ground.
greed, corruption, famine, and frowns,
there’s death and destruction all around.”

McCainish demons surface, with weapons from evil dens
sacrificing the lives of innocent women, children, and men.
revoke his power I say, and those that he’s defended,
John McCain the traitor, must be apprehended.

I take no pity on monsters, all should be de-fanged,
but if mankind’s to survive, John McCain must be hanged.


John McCain backs the fascists in Ukraine that seized power in a bloody coup that led to the ethnic cleansing of Russian speaking Ukrainians in western Ukraine and led to the countries civil war. Even though a peace treaty has been signed between the two sides in the Ukrainian civil war, John McCain pushes to continue the confrontation by supporting additional US Military weapons to arm the fascists against the eastern part of the country. McCain also calls for direct confrontation with Russia and is pictured above with one of Ukraine’s Neo-Nazi Fascist leaders “Oleh Tyahnybok”.

John McCain also backs the FSA/Al-Queda/ISIS/IS foreign terrorists employed to destroy Syria and their multi cultural communities. McCain’s direct oversight in this terrorist operation has led to the deaths of hundreds of thousands of Syrians while also displacing more than 5 million. He is pictured above with some of his terrorists friends. 

He also backs the ethnic cleansing of Palestine while pledging his total allegiance to the state terrorist governments in Israel (past and present). 

Those at home in the USA, that oppose his sociopathic and insane actions are branded enemies. His direct involvement has led to a US fascist police state where freedom of the press and honest journalism has become a thing of the past.

Not only is he a traitor to the people of the USA but to all of humanity. He is an out of control insane monster who is directly responsible (along with a congressional and executive office gang of US war mongers) for the deaths of millions of people throughout the Middle East, Eastern Europe and Africa…he needs to be stopped and thrown in prison by people of the USA for his crimes…and he’s not the only one that needs to be put in prison either! Nuremberg comes to mind when thinking about the principals we are supposed to be upholding but then it's all fixed now isn't it. Should the war criminals from the Nuremberg trials have been hung? And if so then what is stopping humanity from dealing with US war criminals like McCain, Obama, Bush & Cheney in the same fashion? Then again, the system is rigged isn't it?

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