Saturday, December 27, 2014

Prophetic Tale

Creation brings the promise of hope, and silences the echoed halls of the Tyrant King.
While ancient formations descend in shadow and take root in our forgotten memories, to bring forth vision in melodic song. Voices from awakened minds, sing through the Minstrels Bale, and light up ten thousand souls, to begin the prophetic tale.

Prophetic Tale

In echoed halls of Tyrant Kings.
rumours swell, with prophetic things.

Empires crash, their greed at end,
no one left, who will defend.

Impressions recalled, in ancient rings,
take their root, in songs to sing.

Voices from awakened minds,
they serenade people, to remind.

Their ballads tell of long ago,
intoning unity, how life did flow.

Communities gathered planting seed.
connected together, they were freed.

Refusing calls of oppressive war,
shackled not, never, no more.

Rise now soldiers of global peace,
today’s the day, that all war’s cease.

Live without despotic division,
strive together, through empathic vision.

A new dawn rises, we shall not fail,
time to enact this prophetic tale.

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