Saturday, July 26, 2014

Monotheistic Shadows

Monotheistic Shadows

A despairing mood descends on me, the shadows cast are long,
Children’s cries from far away, they echo what is wrong.

What you’re told and how it is, are very different things,
there seems to be an agenda, paid words by established rings.

Hidden behind the curtain, money weaves its dirty trails,
filled with evil intentions, uncaring to cries and wails.

Vile acts, bloodthirsty minds, western hubris plays on and on,
human values are absent, and empathy is gone.

Criminal lands created, ruled by demon kings,
supporting terror minions, disguised as Arab Spring.

They target spirituality, lay siege on peace within,
then force their will on society, through misery, hate and sin.

The Satanic beast is strengthened, emerging from its castle,
receiving help from murder kings, it rejoices with its vassals.

In western lands of apathy, the people are in a daze,
the oceans burn with fire, the skies are in a haze.

Evil’s face is showing, in Tel Aviv and the west’s Riyadh,
NATO leaders bowing, to a system’s God that’s mad.

Feeding on community, enthralled by human fear,
the beast begins a massacre, doctrine is all you hear.

Vile marauders fill the ranks, of the Armageddon horde,
they trample down humanity with terrorist gun and sword.

Support by colluding nations, the leaders are all in bed,
a coven of Satan’s army, the streets have all turned red.

Food and wine corrupted, corporate prayers to demon Gods,
baptized in Khazar temples and ruled from the land of Gog.

Armageddon rides a horse, and brings with it confusion,
arise good people everywhere, break free from greed’s illusion.

Embrace empathic vision, the true spirit within us all,
together we can save the day, before mankind does fall.

Re-written March 14th, 2015, 

I originally wrote this poem while watching helplessly in horror as the western world and all its allies allowed Israel to continue their ethnic cleansing of the Palestinian people through a 52 day bombing campaign from June to August 2014 that killed thousands of women, children and men…a holocaust by a satanic mentality that has become the status quo of western civilization…

As an empathic person with common sense that believes in equality, respect, peace and justice for all, I cannot stay silent while these atrocities continue…and thus my disgust and contempt of the Western governments come through in my writing…

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  1. VoilĂ  un blog sympa que dis-je ? Puissant

  2. Merci pour les paroles Didier. Je pense que le monde doit se réveiller de son sommeil.


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