Wednesday, December 5, 2012




  1. Hi! First of all I would like to state that you actually managed to organize a magnificent resource. Will you be so nice and answer my question. Do you have an idea to write professionally or blogging is only a hobby?

  2. Hi (Sweetest Idleness)

    I do intend to share my creative side through this blog going forward. I have three blogs that I’m working on at the moment.

    The first one is World United News

    The second is World United Music

    The third is this one.

    I’m trying to organize myself so that I can spend more time on creative things including photography, digital art, writing, and video expressions. However, I am concerned with the tidal wave of negative energy being unleashed on society so I try to maintain the News Blog to promote awareness through video projects and offering my opinion by posting there. By doing so, I find the need to keep a balance of mind so I promote music that is not heard on the radio. Music has been a huge passion of mine since I can remember. These two projects have a way of occupying most of my time so I need to find the balance between them that allows me to pursue my creative side and share it on this blog.

    Thanks for the vote of confidence and comment!



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