Monday, December 31, 2012

Shining Light in Dark Places 02

Shining Light in Dark Places
 State-ism is a mind set that has been created by the wealthy few who own all the land, control all the worlds currencies, and control all significant corporations through stock shares, including energy, banking, and military cartels. Nothing has changed in over 2000 years since the founding of the Roman Empire; with the exception that the senators and politicians are no longer the elites themselves but paid puppets that allow the powerful few to retain their anonymity…thing is, we know who they are today, and very soon everyone will know who they are as the people of the World rise up and cast them out…it would be extremely wise of them to recognize that the global population is awake, and that their significance will only be a stain in future history books if they do not change their insane direction now…

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