Thursday, December 6, 2012

Approaching Truth

Approaching Truth
We all have our individual Visions of the World Around us but we also share a common dream. The reality that we have placed ourselves into today has a huge parasite within it that is affecting individual aspirations of a better life and “Personal Growth”. The parasite is the establishment’s economic system, which affects the entire global population through systemic “Economic Growth”. This type of growth is a cancer to life in general and is not sustainable. The economic system will collapse, and only in this collapse will the opportunity to change our future emerge.
For the people of the World to change our reality, we must be able to communicate, share information and have a common dream…that time has arrived, the Internet has provided the communication and information. The common dream is to experience a life free from peril, free from the yoke of another and begin the road of individual and collective freedom to become the best we can be in what ever we put our minds to. But first we must permanently free ourselves from the prison within the mind that the economic system traps us in. That is when we win. Change is a transition and growth process that comes about when people stand up for what they believe in and against the prison system they do not want.
Stewart Brennan

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