Sunday, February 9, 2020


Ameropia – (American Myopia)

American leaders what’s your game,
when you burn the world in your name,
in occupation you feel no shame,
for those you kill, the ones you blame.

American soldier what’s your fate,
when crushing nations with your hate,
it’s not your job to destroy a state,
or murder people to make you great.

Let’s not forget your C.I.A.,
the dirty covert roles they play,
with secret ops and bank rolled pay,
to fund the CHAOS they purvey.

American people, where’s your head,
cheering blindly, a nations dead,
can’t you see you’ve been misled,
by corrupt officials and their Fed?

Where will you be without your friends,
each nation burned that does not mend,
on killing fields that never end,
where hubris screams as war descends.

Help me believe war’s not your mind,
that people there are not unkind,
stop the madness and decline,
embrace a peace with all mankind.

BY: The Activist Poet

About this Poem: “Ameropia” or American Myopia 

Always hopeful that people in the USA see what is being done to the nations of the world in their name by both political parties and those behind the scenes that finance them...when will the crimes end? When the American people stand up and put an end to them...

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