Saturday, February 24, 2018

America the Beautiful (2018 Version)

America the Beautiful (2018 Version) 

O beautiful the chemtrail skies,
Monsanto waves of grain,
the coal filled mountain companies,
above the oil spill plain!
America, America!
Your god is on its knees,
elections rigged by criminals,
who drive the corporate schemes.

No immigrants allowed to come,
your stern impassions stress,
who come from lands that you destroyed
these people in distress.
America! America!
Your God is on its knees,
confirms thy soul, no self control,
and no morality.

...And overseas your army proved,
that they create the strife,
egocentric monsters loose,
no mercy for any life,
America! America!
Your evil is refined,
untouchable by your decree,
for all your warring crimes.

The laws you make, are filled with hate,
your moral compass dead,
your cities filled with human tears,
where poverty is spread!
America! America!
Your god wont take a knee,
Obama, Clinton, Bush and Trump
your symptom of disease.
By: The Activist Poet

About this expression: Truth is our greatest weapon, especially when one waves this flag in the face of power...

I’m not an American so I cannot be patriotic to America but I can be patriotic to the truth and so for Black History Month, I decided to create this truthful spin on an American patriotic song...I'm angry with what the US Government is doing all over the World but I’m also angry on what it is doing in its own country...What do you think?
The Lyrics and story behind the original song can be found at the following link:

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