Sunday, March 20, 2016

Caesar Incorporated

Caesar Incorporated

When Caesar Incorporated won the war,
their vets came home to mind the store,
while Patricians, ever busy,
put American’s in a tizzy,
and made the nation their whore.

All seems right, until economy begins sliding,
then age-old monsters come out of hiding.

Decisions cast by suits in costume,
ship the jobs to Chinese stockroom,
unemployed, now so restless,
vets in rags became the crestless,
and poverty the sonic boom.

Tempestuous exit, jobs down the drain,
economic tailspin, communities in pain.

Monetary cards now all played,
new world autocrat plans are made,
with proxies picked, monsters slated,
foreign dictatorships are created,
backed up by Military aid.

Plans in action, red lines drawn,
both sides supplied before the dawn.

War unfurls, fought by fools,
recruitment made by broadcast tools,
while bets are hedged,
new private banks pledged,
Patricians still create the rules.

Tempestuous exit, life down the drain,
economic slavery comes around again.

Two nations engage in conflict appalling
one in growth the other falling,
new economic powers rise,
with propaganda battle cries,
war becomes their calling.

When Caesar incorporated wins the war,
The cycle will begin on another shore…

About this Poem: The United States and its OECD friends are controlled by an international economic crime syndicate that has come full circle since the end of World War II. The empire has now been hollowed out by those in control who are well on their way to establishing their final phase of ruling the World from a new and final economic empire…but before that can happen, they need to take the World to World War III…

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