Thursday, May 8, 2014

I am Home

“I Am Home” is a Poem that follows fractal consciousness from birth to death and the lifelong journey in between in the search for the meaning of life and existence.

I Am Home

Surrounding darkness wanes, birthing image, form and sight,
Deep the first breath sails, with eyes seeking for light.
Born from inner mind, consciousness becomes aware,
Holding bonds and imprints that form within the glare.

Journeys unfold from vastness, untouched by day or night,
Held by unseen powers with guidance to the light.
Beating hearts with purpose, engraved within the soul,
Forever seeking knowledge and all there is to know.

Chosen tasks and journey’s, emerging day to day,
Enticed by inner knowledge and the roles that they will play.
Encounters begin to flourish; insights start to gather,
Euphoric flares and polar thoughts, are all that seem to matter.

Cities of opposition, unmask their daunting maze,
Filled by Fractal beings, with different paths and ways.
Buildings of ego rise within, each fractal beings mind,
Disrupting spiritual currents, they become extremely blind.

Expressed in mortal lifetimes, fractals wander endless streets,
Some are held asunder, others filled with grief.
But rigid minds of ego, seek purpose to defend,
To prove their fractal journey, has meaning in the end.

Yet minds of merging circuitry, discards redundant thought,
Purpose seems much clearer, from the lessons they were taught.
Conflicts end and spirits rise, resistance is let go,
Fractal beings much wiser, give in now to the soul.

Living beings once captive, no longer live in tatters,
The truth they found in Oneness, is all that really matters.
Uplifting light descending now, pure with empathy,
The Myth does lift so gently, to reveal eternity...

I am Home!

Dedicated to Michael C. Ruppert, tracker of truth and Light worker.

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