Thursday, April 3, 2014

A Flickering Teardrop

A Flickering Teardrop
Gliding through space and time, evolving to her death
Moments and thoughts reflected, embraced by what is left.
Immoral civilizations, complacent with mounting greed
Bringing Earth’s apocalypse, while painted smiles lay siege.
Stacks of books lay dormant, a testament to what’s been done
In echoed halls of misery, where victor’s words are sung.
Read now the omissions, of morality and common sense
It lays in opposition, to the sociopaths offence.
Anvils of industry empowered, by empty political decrees
disrupting the natural course of things, that no one claims to see.
Oceans of fate devoid of life, now forever to unfold
Behold the paper forests, and the written words in gold.
TV watching programs, expressing hate and fear
Bowing down to the electric god, who’s painted as a seer.
Watch the sun declining, disgusted with all the hate,
Fractal units left alone to experience their mortal fate.
Ego inflated carrion, fly over what’s been said
Pursuing illusions of comfort, they no longer count the dead.
The setting sun goes down now, the tempest spins in haste
Reflections of a declining world, a flickering teardrop in space.

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