Tuesday, March 18, 2014

They Come on Gusts of Wind

They Come on Gusts of Wind
It happens before every storm, the build up of emotion that peeks to an awareness that something more than a storm is coming. As the wind picks up, it brings with it an energy field that seems to bridge the spirit world and the living world into one consciousness.
The excited sounds of the birds outside confirm my feelings that I’m not the only one that feels the rise in emotion and energy. Alarm bells go off in my mind warning me that something is coming…I feel like I’m inside a dream not able to see what looms in front of me but I know its there…I feel it’s approach as the raised hair on my neck confirms.
The wind rolled in, howling down on the dwellings of confused inhabitants all around me. Dark clouds above moved in swiftly, battling in a tangled twilight with the suns rays revealing images in motion as if on plains long forgotten and in stories from long ago only rediscovered now as they announce their presence.
The clouds merged into landscapes and shadow images seen only in dreams as the wind carries something that moves unseen and silently into place. Formations held fast as the wind briefly dies to reveal consciousness peering down on the life below…and then just as quickly as it came, moved away, chased by something close behind.
There was an awareness in the air that seemed driven by confident madness…and yet it did not take notice of the scurrying figures below. The moment seemed fit for the beginning of a nightmare but in a waking moment, it is real…
In an instant, my mind is taken to confident thoughts and impressions found when consciousness takes hold in dreams. There are cycles of deja vu and all knowing flowing through my mind, thoughts of shadow and light. Something is there…I sense it, and it senses me…

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