Saturday, October 1, 2016



Roaring fires dance with defiance in the eyes of determination, while muscle, bone and conviction harden to pleas for release in the last days of Rome.

Indignant slaves of industry, now thrust upon the alien shores of rebellion, unite as a fist to combat the tyrants who rule them...Tyrants who command allegiance by fear, permeate the faces of children with horror and hunger…Fury has driven the oppressed to the edge of madness! Rage fuels anger, resentment and resolve as the masses race to drive out the vile and corrupt patrician class.

Ruthless centurions obey their god commander and march forth to quell the uprising in the capitol. Saturated and drunk on psychotic illusions that they are supermen, these belligerent mercenaries are destined to drown in a sea of humanity that is intent on their demise.

Truth has forged the steel of rebellion and blessed the masses with honour, resolve and courage, which now stands united, in defiance, before the gates of the holy city.

Panic rides the brow of a falling regime as their victims rise to shatter the dictator’s illusions with each rock of truth thrown at his castle of glass.

Elitist arrogance and supremacist conviction, laid waste in the putrid vintage of its barbarity…the realm decays in its own rot, and brings the cusp of its own extinction…

The mighty hunter now becomes the hunted in foreign lands where empathy was slain long ago by a ruling elite, barren of forgiveness…

Evolution and chaos wait for judgement on the edge of desolation.

Will the oppressors be treated with the empathy they lack, or will the face of oppression harden in the image of a new king?

The search for reason takes pause in judgement and ponders with the stone cold stare of emptiness…
About this Expression: When people are oppressed and pushed too far, they will rise up and take back what was denied them. Sadly, what often happens after popular uprisings is that the masses go back to sleep after giving up the reigns of power. Thus the cycle repeats itself over and over again.

We have not yet seen the end of this greedy power cycle, which is fuelled by a private monetary system…but it is possible to change once the illusion of money dissipates and spiritual reality takes hold. When we collectively decide to change the way money works, we will evolve into a better world. Otherwise if the status quo continues we will in effect repeat a cycle with predicable consequences…

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