Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Morning Walk

Morning Walk

Daylight dawns my morning walk, uplifting silence heard.
Connecting moments I embrace, with animal, tree and bird.

Vibrant life in harmony, engaging mysterious tether.
Where consciousness unites us all, and brings it all together.

The paths I’ve traveled, ones less taken, brought me here today,
the mistakes have made me wiser as karma had its say.

I am well at hand and hidden, while ascending experienced years,
All my past is gathered, resolved, and without fears.

Spirit reborn has risen, ego holds no reigns,
self imprisoned no longer, nor weighed down by its chains.

Life unfolds before me, I know from right and wrong,
standing on foundations, understanding keeps me strong.

I walk on my good morning, thoughts surrounding me,
Ready for the days ahead, with the light that helps me see.

About this Poem: This poem expresses the aftermath of personal battles won while also shedding light on the conflict we all face between the ego and spiritual self. Ego grows from internal loneliness to become our protector yet without the teachings of our spiritual connection to the earth and universe we are out of balance and must spend time repairing our essence, lest we lose our way.

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