Monday, January 23, 2017

The Dancing Light

The Dancing Light

Grey skies shade my thoughts with sorrows,
My essence a prisoner of sadness,
hope uplifts all my tomorrows,
but realities drive me to madness.

A glow illuminates over the bog,
Gracefully waltzing out of reach,
It’s shadows shiver in the fog,
With lessons destined to teach.

The road ahead lingers fright,
My path revealed in dreams,
And when awakened by chill of night,
the light shines down in beams. 

I race to capture understanding,
Cumbrous weight denying me,
Yet the light ahead begins expanding,
and reveals the truth to me.

 About this Poem: "The Dancing Light" was inspired by a Piano composition called "Les danses de la lumière" by Russian Composer Vadim Kiselev. Here below is his beautiful composition and the links to his wonderful music.

Vadim Kiselev LINKS:

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