Tuesday, December 27, 2016



I am fire,
I am wings,
I bring terror to tyrant kings.
I am here,
I am now,
I am everywhere that I vow.

I am storm born,
lightnings glare,
I am the soul’s protector n’ heir.
I am fire, in the dark,
I am prophesized with a mark.

Awaken my child,
awake to light,
for war has come,
between wrong n’ right.

About this Poem: The World inches closer to global war and annihilation in 2016 but as the year ends, the lies of the west are laid bare in front of the global community…mainstream news has now been exposed for wilfully spreading the sins of their government. All over the World, by virtue of the internet and independent thinking, the people have awakened from a spell that was cast over them by media propaganda. We now stare truth in the face…the lies have fallen, morals will be chosen as the year ends and closes on the tyrants…Salvation is in your grasp.

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