Thursday, May 23, 2024

Internal Rhythms


Internal Rhythms

Unknown realms of time and space
stretch before my glowing soul;
bathed with anticipation
and brilliant streams of gold,
where futures crest the heavens,
that make ready to unfold,
while rhythms beat with every step
in flutters the light foretold.

Image created Stewart Brennan with A.I. image generator model DALL-E3 on BING

Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Time Well Spent

Time Well Spent

Deep inside a book of dreams
where calm holds the river back,
candles grace the hourglass sand
while consciousness grows.

Knowledge over time, enlightens us.

Brevity included in my second Book: The Activist Poet – Volume 2

Digital Image created by Stewart Brennan on Night Café

Universal Space


Universal Space

Cosmos of eternal realms,
a universe in space,
merging conscious beings,
in natural embrace.

Image created by Stewart Brennan on Night Café

Monday, May 20, 2024




I am fire on wings,
terror to tyrant kings,
I am storm born, lightning’s flair,
the soul’s protector n’ heir;
prophesized with a mark,
bright fire in the dark.
I am the watcher of skies,
an oracle to the wise,
a hush of screams,
the voice in dreams
the mysterious state
that carries your fate.
I am times endless sea,
I am prophesy.

Image created by Stewart Brennan on AI platform Night Café

Sunday, April 28, 2024

Spiritual Home


Image generated on Night Café Studios by SF Brennan

Spiritual Home

The greatest spirit,
provider of life,
bedrock of our existence,
foundation of our birth,
you are the universe and beginning,
the mother we call earth.

NOTE: Evolved from brevity Poem “Home”

Stepping through the Nightmare


The image was generated on Night Café Studios using the words below

Stepping through the Nightmare

Howling winds whistle
through windows in my dreams.
They carry peaceful thoughts
that come behind the screams.
Urging to move forward
through shadows pale thick.
While crossing every boundary
of the lunatic.

NOTE: The first stanza in poem "Connections Far Away" is used here as a brevity with a new title.

Saturday, April 20, 2024

Prescient Eyes in Time


Image created by SFBrennan on the Night Café Website  

Prescient Eyes in Time

Time beams from experienced eyes,
that mirror from departed souls,
those cusps of what’s about to come,
a prophesy they foretold.

“Awake now brother, to the fore,
take care of your mother and child,
the enemy’s come to take them,
your livelihood, land and wild.”

I’ve heard these words, they’ve gathered dust,
jumped atmospheres to this day,
familiar voices from my dreams,
returns and holds me in their sway.

Tuesday, April 9, 2024



A.I. Generated Image of the Eclipse

Eclipse April 8th, 2024

In Montreal, they chem-trailed the skies to try and block out the sun. However, it didn't work as it added to the effect which produced a large sundog (a large ring of fire). At the center of the sundog was the eclipse and within the ring of the sundog was a shadow that filled the larger circle. as the light began to fade, a flock of seagulls circled under the sun / moon, gliding in circles under it, calling out in their wails. When the eclipse was full, it produced a pinkish red glow and you could see the stars as the light of the sun was extinguished by the moon. A very cool effect. I don't know about anyone else, but I felt a sea of humanity in joy watching this event...could literally feel the excitement in the air and in my mind...our connection to each other.

Wednesday, March 13, 2024

Healing Thoughts


Healing Thoughts

Behind closed eyes the dancing light unveiled scenes to another time where rivers met the calm conscious flow without boundaries. There, old deep forests inhale the sun where all lifeforms thrive in rhythm and vibration with the universe.

Image Generated by Stewart Brennan on Night Café Studios

Serenity Gathered


Serenity Gathered

Serenity gathered a lush of life with her spell.
Timid beings drew to the bay and intertwined
in that secret place,
where all things meet in a state of conscious mind,
just so complete, together in ballet,
indivisible on that perfect day.

Image generated by Stewart Brennan using the words above on the Night Café studio 

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