Thursday, February 18, 2016

Mission’s Imprint

Mission’s Imprint

All is laid bare before empyrean essence; a tiny world succumbed by the dark scourge of distance and absence of universal communion.

See here the world of brave spirits fallen, who fend off cumbrous curtains of darkness to blindly erect temples of fear for their salvation, in hopes that they are not alone…the thunderous results of shock by severed umbilical to the source, and so exists a sole world, birthed in the desolation of consciousness unconnected.

Animal essence, born as fractal shards, billions of seeds swimming in egoic thoughts cutting their way through time towards astonishment, regret, and surrender; to never understand the pain of their spiritual grounding…the blindness of life is thus…

Come with me child, child of light, embrace the fathoms of essence in a world imploring salvation. Heal the disconnected and break the void of shadows that dark mirrors cast.

Accept this guidance willingly and become the healer who awakens the sleeping in reconnection with the placenta of universal community, and be part of the healing salvation of a lost world.

Pray forth your wisdom for this creation, so that empathy may be processed, measured and inscribed with magnetic ink, into the framework of missions imprint.

Remember, in moments of reawakening, to bathe in the wisdom left in dreams. Listen to the voice of reason that shall guide you always and purge you from melancholy burden, for we gift you your souls imprint. A whispered voice of guidance to remind you of purpose, tucked away in familiarity, this enlightened moment gathered with strong purpose to accompany you on births transition. Go with this awareness, and upon awakening seek cognate beings tasked with grand healing…

…First bloom and brilliance of baby’s cry springs to life, remembering, for a moment, shadows gathered as if in a dream.

Though ego then forms in newborn’s mind, to blind the soul in a viral decay of spirit from first sting. An awakening now awaits its time, to recall empathic mission.

About this Poem: We are born with a “knowing” that eludes us until the moment of our re-awakening. I call it an imprint, as I have seen it within myself as have others in their mission in life. Every one of us has an imprint, and if you look deep inside, once all fears and illusions are cast away, your purpose re-emerges from your imprint…and your mission then begins…

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