Sunday, January 31, 2016

Words of Pain & Forgiveness

Words of Pain & Forgiveness

Brushstrokes of empathy,
Soft words, a rising sun,
Forgiveness on new canvas,
In days where there was none.

When innocence was shattered,
Concealed in blind rage,
Focused, yet Un-focussed,
Never turning the page.

Essence was in the open,
As darkness painted pictures,
Displayed in mindful galleries,
Tattered spirit, broken fixtures.

Razor, barb and words,
Scars of hurt and scorn,
Days when we had nothing,
But the pain of being born.

Forgiveness brings reflection,
In the mirror stands a soul,
In a moment, eternal vision,
The chance to make you whole.

About the Poem: From our earliest days of understanding, we are instinctively conditioned to protect the fragile essence that is the core of our being, our spirit…what rises in consequence is the ego, that eventually we must cast aside, to seek forgiveness so that our spirit can continue…Over the years, the emotional pain that one has accumulated can be unbearable as there are too many open wounds, scars and sore spots that need to heal, and in the battles we receive these wounds from, we must also ask for forgiveness for the wounds we inflict on others…


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