Thursday, December 31, 2015

Forests Old, Deep and Rare

Forests Old, Deep and Rare

In forests old, deep and rare, where crossroads come our way,
Storied cathedral, Journey’s end, new beginning starts today.

Timber woods engage the eyes, lifting fragile spirit,
Walls within soon dissipate, as senses long to hear it.

A new year comes around once more, bringing forth its mystery,
Once inside, illumination, reflecting coming history.

Civilisation behind grows quiet, its sound returned in prayer,
Hope is carried as our lantern, through forests deep and rare.

About this Poem: The last day of the year brings with it, deep reflection of the past. It also brings promise of a new beginning as hope becomes our prayer for the New Year ahead. Happy New Year to Everyone! May our hopes and dreams all come true.

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